10 Minute Strategy Episode 1 — Branding, Naming and Web Address

I recently joined forces with Shore Communications, Inc.  John Blossom is the President.  Here is the first installation of our video series: 10 Minute Strategy.  In this episode we are focused on an incredibly important area of marketing strategy:  Naming, branding and Web search.

In the discussion John and I get into a few areas that I think you’ll find interesting:

1) What are the differences between “Offering” or product naming and Branding?

2) Is having a “find-able” web address more important than the brand name?  (Answer is no — they are both important and require trade-offs)

One thing I forgot to mention is the importance of a “.com” address.  I’d really advise anyone avoid and non “.com” addresses, unless it is really clever like bit.ly…

Alright, enjoy…

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