The Power of Story

This past July we wrapped up the application phase of the 8th Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge.  I’m now in the process of coaching and advising the finalists on how to put their best foot forward when they meet the senior engineering and strategy executives from Sikorsky and Lockheed Martin (Sikorsky’s parent company).  But we would not have been able to gain the interest without a strong approach to storytelling.

The Entrepreneurial Challenge is not a simple idea for companies to understand.  And the complexity of the technical topics that I get tasked to recruit against do not make the job any easier.  But we’ve been able to recruit great companies to apply every year.  Lately we’ve improved our success through an increased focus on storytelling.  In the video that follows, you’ll learn about CT-Based Liquid Piston, who were the top awardees in the 7th Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge.  Thanks to CT-Based VDOMKR for the outstanding production work on this short video, which we used in a successful paid Twitter campaign.


By focusing on a great reference with compelling visuals, we were able to create content that helped people understand the framework of the Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge and how their company might be a fit for the program.

I’d love to know what you think of the video and about storytelling in b-b marketing.

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