Alison and Ron Malloy (Design2Launch) at Stamford Innovation Center Startup Success Series

Tomorrow Night we are hosting one of the most successful CT Female Entrepreneurs in the history of the state, Alison Malloy (who started Design2Launch along with her brother Ron).  Alison is charming, funny, friendly and very giving.  I just saw her speak and she was awesome.

Tomorrow night, Thursday, October 2, Please join us for our Startup Success Series featuring Alison and Ron Malloy and current Design2Launch/Kodak leader, Josh Fedeli.

If you are interested in discussing Enterprise Software, Consumer Packaged Goods, Startups, or Female Entrepreneurship, or think you want to meet people who *are* interested in these topics, please join us around 6pm for a night of food, drink, fun and great conversation.

Date:  Thursday, October 2

Time:  6pm

Location: Stamford Innovation Center Auditorium

Parking:  Bell Street, or under the Mall (where Saks used to be)


See ya!!

Clearly I can only focus on doing events in Stamford now.  Can someone please take FairCo over?

I’ve been saying this for a while now, I’ll keep saying it until I find someone.  Alex Sherman and I started Fairco Teem in 2010 or so.  But we are not using this meetup list in the right way.  It would be so cool if someone who livest near Westport (most of our list is near Westport, Wilton, Weston, Fairfield, Norwalk, Ridgefield), wanted to take over some of the planning and marketing. I can help minimally.  Could be a great way to boost your career…I can explain.

Anyway, LMK – PP

Tweet me at @ppropp if you don’t know my email.

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