May 22, 2019

Case Study — Twin Inventors Video Series

We are very proud of the Twin Inventors and Patents video series we wrote and produced for Whitmyer IP Group.  The client wanted to educate the public on the patent process and the abilities of patent holders to protect their IP assets and their profits.

The leadership team at WHIPgroup spent many more hours than they expected to make sure the script was factually accurate, while allowing the creative team to create a storyline that is memorable, light and short enough to be watched all the way through. It is always a pleasure to work with clients who care so much about their field and we are very pleased to see that passion “on film” in this 4-part series.



Here are the highlights of our process:

— We created a story arc that set the stage and showed several of the issues that happen when you don’t protect patentable inventions — and the dark downside for companies who copy patented products.

— We created our twin inventors, Tom and Dave, their competitors, employees and attorneys.

— We wrote the script and edited it with the client to ensure that the legal facts are on point and the story is compelling.

— We encouraged our video director, animator and voice artist to bring a little bit of fun and drama to the story of Dave’s education and eventual success in the application of a solid patent strategy.

— And we carefully chose music that set the stage and increased and released tension as Dave and his competitor Barbara learn how to co-exist within their industry without resorting to copying.


If you are ready to tell your story with video, we’d love to help.

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