Next Steps

It has been a while since I’ve posted a personal blog, but I’m now building up a few different initiatives and it felt like time to share my plan. So this is a mostly self-serving post.

In no particular order,

— I’ve restarted my video blog, — My buddy Chad Pavel of Pinewood Consulting was my first guest and the topic was: Year End Financial Planning for Business.  Click here to see this short and to-the-point advice video from Chad, an experienced CPA and business leader I’ve known since the earliest days of SIC.  Some good stuff in there, no matter your area of interest — and it’s only 10 minutes!

— Barry Schwimmer and I started a not-for-profit called Northeast Community Innovation Corp (link).  We started it because many of the programs we chose to develop at SIC would not create profit.  At Northeast Innovation, we partner with local organizations to support the growth of the local business community.  We are holding a fun holiday party in Norwalk on Wednesday, December 6 at 6pm.  We are calling it “Holiday Pitch.” We will have great dinner and desert, provided by members of the Fairfield County Food Forum, a short pitch competition and great networking.  We will have a great DJ and the venue is the super cool Factory Underground recording studio on Isaacs St, 1/10 mile past the Garden Cinemas in Norwalk.  Please join us.  We are taking applications for a limited number of pitching slots at the end of the ticket purchase process.  Purchase Tickets Here.

— I continue to work with Sikorsky Aircraft, the Helicopter Division of Lockheed Martin, on an exciting corporate innovation project, the Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge.  Barry and I had a great time coaching the outstanding finalists from this years challenge.  Can’t wait to hear who won!  Here’s a link to the TechAloft blog we run to support the Challenge, please sign up for the newsletter if you are into AR, IoT and other tech of interest to the aviation industry.  We are now in early planning planning for the 9th Challenge.

— I’m also talking to a number of interesting clients who are doing interesting work in their fields.  Depending on their needs, I help with strategy, innovation, marketing, and technology strategy.  If you have an idea on a business or initiative and want some feedback, please reach out to me via DM @ppropp.

— Finally, I’m re-starting the meetup that my brother-in-law Alex Sherman and I started here in CT about 8 years ago.  It is called FairCo TEEM and it covers Technology, Entertainment, Environment and Marketing — basically the topics that we cared about at the time — and still care about today.  Here’s the link. We are looking at a January ’17 launch at a great location.

So that’s what’s up with me.  What’s up with you?

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