Me, Back on Terrestrial Radio — One Day Only (Thanks, Larry)

If you’d like to hear the sort of music I played when I was a college DJ at Kenyon in the 80’s, click here around 11am EST today, Saturday, March 24.  

Now here’s the backstory.  For the past 18 months or so, I’ve been part of a remarkable experiment on Facebook.  Larry Friedberg, an ex EBay exec, started a Facebook Group for Kenyon College Alumni from the 1980s.  The original idea was to get more than 500 members to join, now we have nearly 1700 members.  Kenyon only had 360 students per class in the 80s, so by any measure, we have captured a lot of interest.  It is a private group that shares so many stories, memories, concerns that it is really hard to describe.  We have a lot of laughs — and yes, we have some conflicts.

Our 1700 members live on every continent, are in just about any occupation you can imagine, from Wall St, to Security Guards, Veterinarians, Lawyers, Construction, Educators and Librarians, Politicians, Technology, and plenty of Marketing folk.  We have kids in Grad School and beyond, College, High School and even pre-school.

The point?  While the value of Facebook overall has cooled for many of my non-Kenyon friends, the 1700 of us who are in the group (or at least many of us) now have a vibrant group that has become a community that in many ways shares more details about our feelings and our lives than we did when we all lived in Gambier, OH.

We’ve also established a great relationship with the Kenyon administration that is on our terms.  It is really interesting what you can get from your Alma Mater when you are 1700 strong.  For example, we now have a great relationship with Kenyon’s student radio station, WKCO.  And today I get to be on the radio again, thanks to Facebook, and Larry.

I’ll post the playlist later.  If you can, click here around 11am EST today, Saturday, March 24.  

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