March 11, 2018

Video Storytelling

For our work on strategy, demand generation and business development for the Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge, we’ve had the opportunity to write and produce some interesting videos.

Video is a powerful medium that we recommend often.  Here is our video process:

Strategy: Our video process begins with setting the business goal and the core message we want to reinforce.

Writing and Revising:  Then a script is developed, including verbal storyboarding or shot selection from existing b-roll.

Video Vendor Selection:  Once a script is revised and approved, we engage multiple video production teams to see which group best aligns with the script at the best price.

Production Supervision:  Once video is in production, we review rough cuts and provide early feedback. We share rough cuts with the client, refine, finalize and publish according to the plan.

Note:  The two videos below were produced on a very low budget.

I also love to do brief business interviews on technical topics.


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