Interview: Habar Consulting’s Colin Nelson on Effective Collaboration and Social Media

Starting to expand the blog with more emphasis on the views of friends and colleagues who are experts in their fields and have interesting experiences to share.  For my first interview I connected with Colin Nelson, who used to head up European sales for collaborative innovation software provider Imaginatik (I was VP of Marketing).  Colin has now formed Habar Consulting, a firm that “supports clients to establish effective collaboration programmes, where to start, what has value and what does not.”

Among many other great attributes, Collaborative Innovation and Crowdsourcing can be the most cost effective way to identify strategic changes that can help a company save money, open new markets and gain strategic advantage.  Anyone lucky enough to work with Colin in this arena is guaranteed to get their money’s worth!

I’ll post the transcript at a later date for those of you who would prefer to read.  Enjoy!

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