As 3-D Fades, Hollywood should focus on stories

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While I’m rarely happy to discuss the failure of a new idea or a new technology, I was delighted to read in the Times over the weekend that the 3-D boom in movies may finally be waning. “3-D Starts to Fizzle, and Hollywood Frets” (NY Times, May 29, 2011)


It could not happen a moment sooner.  Last October I wrote about the abuse and over-use of 3-D in a piece I titled  “3d Is Not For Me”


The problem with 3-D and with the movie industry in general right now is not the technology.  The problem is the quality of the storytelling.  If a movie has a great story, they should make it.  If it has a great story and they can use 3-D in clever ways, they should make that movie – Avatar for example.


But we saw Avatar at home a few months back on a non-3-D TV, and it was a perfectly fine adventure movie (even if it was a poorly cloaked version of the story of Pocahantas). I’m sure the 3-D would have made it a modestly better experience, but we were able to enjoy the experience because the story was good, the script was solid, the acting, directing and cinematography were all set at a high Hollywood standard.


So please Hollywood – how about focusing on some original stories?  How about more films with focus on strong female characters?  Clearly that’s an area that hasn’t been done to death.  Who knows?  You might find an untapped audience that’s ready to spend.  Just don’t make “Thelma and Louise 3-D.”

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