Chatroulette’s Eureka Moment — Thanks, Ben Folds!

Remember when no one could figure out how YouTube would make money?  We’re still wondering about Twitter.  FourSquare has a shot. 

But Chatroulette?  I mean that is one creepy enterprise.  Until now. 

Singer Songwriter Rocker extrordinaire Ben Folds redeems himself from playing the Paula Abdul role on “The Sing Off”  in this  YouTube clip of a live concert in Charlotte, NC.  While the audience watches with glee, Ben sings whatever pops into his brilliant pop singer mind to the random people who show up on his Chatroulette window, including one guy sitting on a toilet and another who is trying to make people lean their heads to the side. 

Very entertaining.  And how is this good for Chatroulette?  Well, at least it’s not entirely creepy…

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