Stamford Startup eBrevia Hits the Big Stage at DEMO, 2012

Our friend Ned Gannon is the CEO and co-founder of legal text analytics platform eBrevia.  He spends a few days a week as one of the beta testers of the work-spaces at the Stamford Innovation Center.  If you want to learn more about how Ned and his team were chosen as one of only 4 Startup America-related startups around the country to present at DEMO, read the press release here.

Anyway, Ned is back in town and sent me this update on eBrevia’s experience at DEMO:

At the suggestion of some of the folks at the Stamford Innovation Center, I thought I’d put together a quick blog post describing our experience presenting eBrevia’s software at DEMO Fall 2012.  We were selected to present at DEMO free of charge as one of the four national winners in the Startup America DEMO Competition.  As part of the prize, American Airlines flew the team to Santa Clara, CA for the event.

eBrevia is commercializing artificial intelligence technology developed at Columbia University to analyze, extract information from and summarize legal documents.  The company’s natural language processing software uses machine learning techniques to assist law firm attorneys, in-house counsel and business professionals in performing legal tasks more efficiently, accurately and cost effectively.  DEMO is a launchpad for emerging technology and trends. Each year over 2,500 people from around the globe attend DEMO to experience innovation at its birth.  At each DEMO event, a hand-selected class of new products are introduced to the world for the very first time to global press and prolific bloggers; investors; corporate acquirers; strategic partners and buyers.  Throughout its 21 years of existence, DEMO has earned a reputation for consistently identifying new innovations that are most likely to disrupt the markets they serve and/or change the way we use technology overall.

The days were a whirlwind but both productive and enjoyable.  I’ve included a few of the highlights below.

– eBrevia’s presentation went very well and can be viewed via the following link:  It was a large audience and you can see me squinting a bit under the powerful lights.

– eBrevia’s booth in the DEMO pavilion was very active and gave us the chance to demo the software for a wide variety of interested attendees.

– Networking breakfasts with other innovative companies and attendees as well as lunch and dinner receptions in the pavilion.

– Two remote pitches (one at 6:10 a.m.) for folks on the East Coast.

– Tuesday night dinner hosted by Startup America – we had a chance to meet the other national winners as well as some of the organization’s corporate partners.

– Private meeting with Scott Case, CEO of Startup America and co-founder of

– Meeting with potential investors in Palo Alto before rushing to catch my plane back.

Definitely a busy and exciting few days.  Now it’s time to start following up with all the connections we made…

Thanks, Ned.  And Good Luck!


Peter Propp is a strategy and marketing consultant based in Westport, CT.   He helps a wide variety of startups and established companies address growth opportunities with marketing and business development approaches.  He has interviewed dozens of business leaders on his video blog, 10MinuteStrategy, and is the co-founder of the FairCo TEEM Meetup Group, which is focused on providing a platform for shared learning by and for the many business leaders who reside in the greater New York region.  He can be reached at peter <at>

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