The Foursquare Phenomenon — and mobile apps of the future…

What’s the coolest iPhone app?  Well my son would probably pick a game where you flick fuzz-balls around a grid (FlingFree).  Or something called “The World’s Most Addictive Game.”  (seems just like a moving doodle…)  For me, I’m having  a great time exploring’s “The Next Move” app (sort of a portable, all-knowing wingman in your pocket), MSNBC’s news application, and especially FourSquare.

FourSquare allows you to “check in” at places all over your town or any town or city you visit.  If your local gas station or barber shop is not on the local list, then add it.

You get points for each place you add, and if you check in to one place enough times, you become “The Mayor” of that place.  It is oddly addicting and fun to see where people are checking in.

With FourSquare, I think we are entering a very cool new era of apps.  FourSquare is almost useless on a PC/Mac Browser.  Boring.  Doesn’t do anything.  But use it on your iPhone, Blackberry or Android device to “check-in” somewhere and you are claiming your place in the universe for that moment, even if you are just passing through.  (Confession:  I’ve “checked-in” at the Darien and Stamford Metro-North stations when the train has stopped there going in and out of NYC.  But I won’t do it if the train doesn’t stop — I have my standards!)

The next question will be to see what FourSquare does with all the data they will collect.  And yes, I do sense a crowdsourcing discussion coming on…

And as the Mayor of the Westport Stop and Shop, I advise you to check out their holiday specials…

And join me on FourSquare by clicking here.

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