Hello world!

Full disclosure:  this is the fourth blog I’ve created.  The first was called “thoughts and comments” and I think it was mainly focused on popular culture reviews and ideas.  I think I mainly wrote about movies I really didn’t like.

The second was called “no bag thanks” — an environmental oriented blog with some other, unfocused comments.

The third was my most serious effort, the Imaginatik blog at http://www.blog.imaginatik.com.  Focusing on the Innovation Management and Collaborative Innovation space.  I’m quite proud of what I was able to achieve on this blog in a short period of time.

And now this blog.  It has my name on it, so I had better take it seriously.  I’ll be providing links to coverage of topics I find interesting, and writing some original material as I get to it.  Some of the things I’ll be writing about include:

Focused Social Media activity and its potential to impact business results

Innovative Ideas

Environmental Topics

Pop Culture/Arts and Literature

Local Fairfield County Topics

…stay tuned…

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