3D Is Not For Me

I think 3-D might be the anti-HD technology. I’m so used to seeing action movies and sports on the HD tv set at home, I guess I’m spoiled.
In conclusion – focus on great stories and I will keep going to the movies – even if your story involves launching a full port-a-potty 100 feet in the air. And give us a clear picture so we can actually see what is going on. Technology for technology’s sake is never the answer.

10 Minute Strategy Episode 5 — Starting points for Companies Going Digital

John Blossom and I get into a quick discussion of how large and small companies can begin to embrace the digital future. Companies are often resistant to change, but for many, the integration of digital is not only inevitable, but critical to the future of these companies. Start with getting your people to integrate digital[…]

Modern Qualitative Research with Jack Campisi, Part II

In part II of our discussion, Jack gives me some insight into how market research firms operate and manage their offerings and the value of tapping into the professional research teams at your vendors. If you’d like to work with Jack on a qualitative research project, contact him at jcampisi@qualvu.com. Or you can check out[…]

Qualitative Research Goes Modern — Interview with Jack Campisi, Qualvu

Focus groups are one thing, but can they help marketers find out what is actually going on in the bathroom when women shave their legs? Enjoy this interview with Jack Campisi of Qualvu. Part II will come out next week. QualVu is a leader in modern qualitative research.  Check out Qualvu.com for more info. Tweet

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