The Joy of Mets (Thanks, Jerry Seinfeld)

The Lakers have Jack Nicholson and all of the Hollywood types.  The Yankees have Rudy Giuliani.  And the Cowboys have so many fans around the country. But the Mets have Jerry Seinfeld, who is one of the most articulate, enthusiastic and funny fans in history.  He is completely plugged in with the Mets and this[…]

The iPad in Action – what’s your best iPad story?

I don’t own an iPad, but I’ve had a couple of great iPad experiences recently that I wanted to share. Both were quite eye-opening. If you have your own story to share, please submit it in the comments section. Story One – Traveling around the Ohio countryside When my old roommates Jeff Heller and Sears[…]

Serendipity Found – on the college campus

Not that the folks who run Kenyon College need any more reasons for students to consider spending a lot of money and four glorious years in Gambier OH,  but I recently discovered something there that I thought had become extinct:  the ability to have an unplanned discussion.  While I love mobile phones and app phones for[…]

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