The Persona Strategy — Part II — Examples of Solid Social Media Marketing

Last week I introduced what I call the Persona Strategy as a way to fully exploit the power of social media marketing as part of a broader marketing plan. Here are a couple of examples of Persona marketing in action: For comedian Marc Maron (@marcmaron 8,990 Twitter followers), his WTF podcast and website have driven significant attendance[…]

Introducing: The Persona Strategy (Social Media Marketing on Overdrive)

I’ve been talking for a while to customers and prospects about a marketing technique I’ve named Persona Marketing.  After doing some research, it turns out that the phrase “Persona Marketing” has been in use for a while to imply a method that considers the different end users.  My first reaction was, dang, gotta find another[…]

Return to Exile on Main Street — The Stones Masterpiece gets its due…

 In the summer before my senior year at Kenyon, I worked at a plumbing warehouse and corrected a critical flaw in my musical education — I got seriously into the Rolling Stones.  “Exile on Main Street”, “It’s Only Rock and Roll,” and “Sticky Fingers” were on the tape deck (remember cassette tapes?) constantly as I[…]

Apple’s Secret iPhone Weapon: The Improbability Button*

I’ve been able to get my iPhone to perform quite a few interesting tasks by clicking what I call the “improbability button *” on the iPhone headset.  As of this point, I’ve seen no prototype for similar function on Android phones.  Apple may really have an advantage here… *with thanks to Douglas Adams “The Hitchikers[…]

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