A Quick Video Retrospective on Alex Chilton and Big Star

Last September, I posted a link to Sound Opinion’s podcast on Big Star.  Here’s the link again.  Big Star is one of those iconic bands that bands love, critics love and the average music fan might never encounter.  Alex Chilton, the lead singer from Big Star, (also the lead singer for The Box Tops and a solo[…]

Jimmy Fallon and friends — Duking it out, Glee Style

Here’s some quick insanity from last week’s Jimmy Fallon show.  Faced with stif competition from the “Parks and Recreation” team for the “sectionals,” Jimmy and his cast work out a hilarious version of Quiet Riot’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” Hope you enjoy… Tweet

If It Hurts Your Head, Don’t Do It — Yet

I was talking to a vendor yesterday about a shift in strategy for one of my clients.  When I first started talking about our upcoming PR strategy, she and I both agreed that we had several issues that were keeping us from developing a clear plan.  But now that a few weeks have passed, it[…]

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