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Something New — The CT Ukulele Festival — Sept. 29, 2018

I’ve been playing guitar since I was 5, and originally played Ukulele in Middle School.  I wish I knew where my first ukuleles ended up. Last year I started playing ukulele again, this time with Steve Forlano at the Westport YMCA.  We’ve got a great core group, The CUkes that plays out for occasional gigs, Read more about Something New — The CT Ukulele Festival — Sept. 29, 2018[…]

Investing your time in new topics

I’ve run and attended hundreds of business and tech events. It’s been a pretty intense run of learning, sharing, connecting. The learning part is the most fun for me, especially when it comes to topics where I have had limited previous exposure. As a technology marketer and strategist, I often have to quickly become conversant Read more about Investing your time in new topics[…]

Why Meetups Matter

It’s been my pleasure to create a number of interesting events in the CT/NY region, starting with the FairCo TEEM meetup and most recently at Stamford Innovation Center. SIC was home to great encounters, many of which turned into businesses. At a minimum, we built a community of active business leaders who recognized the power Read more about Why Meetups Matter[…]

Next Steps

It has been a while since I’ve posted a personal blog, but I’m now building up a few different initiatives and it felt like time to share my plan. So this is a mostly self-serving post. In no particular order, — I’ve restarted my video blog, — My buddy Chad Pavel of Pinewood Consulting Read more about Next Steps[…]

The Power of Story

This past July we wrapped up the application phase of the 8th Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge.  I’m now in the process of coaching and advising the finalists on how to put their best foot forward when they meet the senior engineering and strategy executives from Sikorsky and Lockheed Martin (Sikorsky’s parent company).  But we would not have Read more about The Power of Story[…]

Alison and Ron Malloy (Design2Launch) at Stamford Innovation Center Startup Success Series

Tomorrow Night we are hosting one of the most successful CT Female Entrepreneurs in the history of the state, Alison Malloy (who started Design2Launch along with her brother Ron).  Alison is charming, funny, friendly and very giving.  I just saw her speak and she was awesome. Tomorrow night, Thursday, October 2, Please join us for Read more about Alison and Ron Malloy (Design2Launch) at Stamford Innovation Center Startup Success Series[…]

Quality of (Startup) Life — CT Has It.

I’ve been biking more and more lately.  Some startup people call biking the “new golf” because so many startup people end up on bikes several times a week. Lately I’ve been riding from Westport to Bridgeport and back.  Here’s my route from last Saturday, from my favorite app, MapMyRun Create Maps or search from 80 Read more about Quality of (Startup) Life — CT Has It.[…]

Great Coverage on SIC in NEWhiteboard!

The Stamford Innovation Center recently had a great writeup in NEWhiteboard, a blog that covers the startup scene in CT.  Here’s the opening paragraphs and a link to the whole article.  We are very pleased with the coverage: Recently the Whiteboard spent a day at the Stamford Innovation Center, where we met with Peter Propp, the SIC’s Read more about Great Coverage on SIC in NEWhiteboard![…]

Quick Note on Startup Podcasts, Incubators and Co-Working

I’ve shared with you guys my podcast obsession.  The content coming from This Week In (Jason Calconis’ media empire) is outstanding.  More on Jason here.

Jason has a few startups and is an Angel Investor out of LA.  He hosts This Week in Startups.  His interview with early Twitter investor Chris Sacca is a must watch/listen.  I usually download his content in the iPhone podcasts app, but here’s a link to the youtube interview with Sacca — amazing guy.

At the Stamford innovation Center, we recently heard a short talk by David Taten from FFVenture Partners.  David delivered an amazing talk about the value of Angel investing and how ff do their work.  On a long drive the next day, I was listening to This Week in Venture Capital, and David Taten’s partner John Frankel was the interviewee.  He’s just as smart as David.  I highly recommend watching this video or downloading the podcast via the podcast app.  I was delighted to hear Mark Suster and John Frankel vigorously agreeing on the value of the incubator  and co-working movement.  When we teach smart business people how to build startups, I truly believe we can be creating incremental jobs — and isn’t that just what our economy needs?

As David Taten very clearly pointed out — the job of large corporations is not to hire, but to get more efficient and reduce headcount.  But startups by their nature have to hire in order to gain velocity.  So here’s to more incubators, more co-working and of course more startups.

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