The Foursquare Phenomenon — and mobile apps of the future…

What’s the coolest iPhone app?  Well my son would probably pick a game where you flick fuzz-balls around a grid (FlingFree).  Or something called “The World’s Most Addictive Game.”  (seems just like a moving doodle…)  For me, I’m having  a great time exploring’s “The Next Move” app (sort of a portable, all-knowing wingman in Read more about The Foursquare Phenomenon — and mobile apps of the future…[…]

Celebrity scandals, learning and humor

As the Tiger Woods story has unfolded, it has been interesting to notice how different people have come to grips with the all-too human failings of a heroic figure.  It’s not new, nor is it the last time we’ll see someone of Tiger’s stature take a slide.  And it seems that hardly any of us Read more about Celebrity scandals, learning and humor[…]

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