Stamford Startup eBrevia Hits the Big Stage at DEMO, 2012

Our friend Ned Gannon is the CEO and co-founder of legal text analytics platform eBrevia.  He spends a few days a week as one of the beta testers of the work-spaces at the Stamford Innovation Center.  If you want to learn more about how Ned and his team were chosen as one of only 4 Read more about Stamford Startup eBrevia Hits the Big Stage at DEMO, 2012[…]

Qualitative Research Goes Modern — Interview with Jack Campisi, Qualvu

Focus groups are one thing, but can they help marketers find out what is actually going on in the bathroom when women shave their legs? Enjoy this interview with Jack Campisi of Qualvu. Part II will come out next week. QualVu is a leader in modern qualitative research.  Check out for more info. Tweet

Apple Does It Better, Again

Getting tired of stories about how Apple continues to succeed?  Then skip this post. There have been thousands of articles and books written about successful marketers who exceed expectations and delight customers.  Apple continues to exceed expectations in hundreds of ways that most of us don’t notice, but here’s a few of the most obvious: Read more about Apple Does It Better, Again[…]

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