January 21, 2010

Unlocking Potential

Unlocking the Potential of Great Companies

Without strong marketing leadership, many companies are not capable of executing marketing techniques such as Demand Generation, In-bound Marketing, and Social Media in such a way that generates incremental customer opportunity. And if they are implementing these programs, they are not typically executing them within a broader strategic framework. As a result, these companies are not tapping their full selling potential, as indicated by a weak sales pipeline, extended sales cycles and revenue shortfalls.

I offer a variety of services to help lower middle market companies expand their marketing capabilities.  Services include:

Part Time/Retained CMO – Marketing tactics are much more effective when they are part of a fully developed strategy.  Based on your industry, competitive pressures and opportunities, we can identify the most appropriate tactical approaches and help your team execute.

  • Full day or half day sessions — focus on tactical approaches and execution as needed.
  • Advisory Services – Pay upfront for phone-based sessions at a discounted rate.

Demand Generation and In-Bound Marketing

  • E-mail, Direct Mail, Telesales – all coordinated to deliver qualified leads to your sellers.
  • Using web properties (corporate site, blog, etc), social media and landing pages to capture qualified leads

Web, SEO/SEM and Social Media

  • Website Revisions to make the company’s value clear to prospects and search engines
  • Social Media to engage prospects and customers – this dialogue is one of the best methods to improve “findability” on Google and other search engines.

Sales Support

  • Consistent selling materials and training on how to use them.

Branding and Product Marketing

  • Product/service Value Prop assessment and revision
  • Brand Assessment against competition and Product/Service offerings


  • Partner Assessment and Strategy
  • Partner engagement and revenue share structure

Investor Approaches

  • Messaging
  • Collateral and Presentation help


If you need help in any of these areas or just want to talk, please drop me an e-mail at peter@proppmail.com.

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