Startup Weekend Stamford — Photos from Day 1

Well the hype around Startup Weekend Stamford was replaced with massive amounts of energy and a wealth of good ideas.  49 ideas were presented, 10 or so teams formed, and I have no idea which one will win.  There are some very strong teams with very good ideas, and then there are some where the idea may be stronger than the team and vice versa.  Want to know how it turns out?  Come visit the Closing Ceremony at UCONN Stamford at 5pm on Friday, April 1.

Here’s some photos from last night:










3 thoughts on “Startup Weekend Stamford — Photos from Day 1

  • I stopped in last night to check out what my husband is up to and I was very impressed with the energy in the space. Good luck and may the best team win!

  • Peter – great post.  I think we all really had a blast supporting these teams!  I know that I really enjoyed my role as facilitator over the weekend, working with everyone.

    Also, I have to give you props (no pun intended) for volunteering to help these teams launch over the weekend.  The organizing team deserves a ton of credit for the “startup within a startup” that is running a Startup Weekend.
    Derek KochCEO + Founder, Independent Software

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